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All of the essays below are used with the express permission of Mr. Togneri.


Mr. Togneri intended these essays to be read in order. For this reason they have been given their own section on the site. The names of the essays do appear in the index pages of the site's major sections, however those links all lead to this page. This is to allow you (the reader) the opportunity to read the essays in order, as Mr. Togneri intended.

Mr. Togneri has granted exclusive rights to Leather and Roses to publish his works. All of us at Leather and Roses appreciate this very much. Some of these essays are updated versions of older works that appeared on this site. The older works have been replaced by the new versions.

The links below will open each indicated essay. The back button on each essay's page will return you to this index page. However, you will find links at the end of each essay which will easily allow you to load the next essay in the set, or to load the essay that comes before it (if applicable). The back button which appears on this page will return you to the main index page for the entire website, as will the home button. The e-mail button will send e-mail to the webmaster.


Essay 1: Absolute Lifestyle D/s

Essay 2: Spirituality In Slavehood

Essay 3: In His Interest

Essay 4: Let What You Have Said Be Done To Me

Essay 5: Seven Pillars Of Dominance

Essay 6: Reality Check

Essay 7: Sex Or Sickness?

Essay 8: Awaiting The One

Essay 9: Superficial, Shallow, and Condemnatory

Essay 10: Absolute Misunderstanding




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