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Sept. 28, 2009: With the assistance of SanaVI the website will soon receive a complete revamp to be more mordern. I am so very grateful for her assistance, thank you Sana!!! - Raven Shadowborne


April 29, 2008: I want to extend a special welcome to my daughter Selina Shadowborne. With her permission I have added a bdsm related poem that she wrote to the site. The poem is entitled "Submission" and it can be found HERE. Welcome to the site Selina, I am very proud of you! (Love Mom)



Welcome to Leather and Roses. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you would like to learn more about this web site and the IRC Chat Room, please go to "More About Leather and Roses". This site is an educational site for the BDSM Lifestyle and is intended to provide information that is not directed towards a single way of doing things or just the webmaster's viewpoint.

The site is divided into sections for ease of navigation. See below for the directory of sections. Each page will contain both an image map and text links to make it easier for you to move through the site.

Please feel free to submit any comments, articles or personal works, and/or any questions/recommendations for the site to Raven Shadowborne at webmaster@leatherNroses.com or by using the feedback form that is on the site.

Enjoy your stay! 

Resource Sections
  Domination Articles and Essays on domination
General BDSM / Sex Articles and Essays on general BDSM or sexual topics
 Submission Articles and Essays on submission
  Cyber / IRC D/S Articles and Essays on cyber (Includes how to get to IRC), and topics pertaining to the web.
Mistress Michelle's Articles A series of articles written by Mistress Michelle
J. Mikael Togneri's Essays A series of essays by J. Mikael Togneri intended to be read in order
Master Eso's Articles & Essays A series of articles and essays written by Master Eso.
  BDSM Humor Jokes, limericks and humorous stories on BDSM and more
  BDSM Writings Fictional stories on BDSM (this section has been removed to try and keep LnR from being a target of the FBI)
Poetry/Prose Poems, and prose on BDSM
  New Additions to the Site Listing of new pages and the date they were added
Link Library Listing of links by category (resources, friends, ezines, search engines, FAQ's and more)
  Scene Reports Written recounting of scenes that occurred by practitioners of BDSM (this section has been removed to try and keep LnR from being a target of the FBI)
  Abuse and BDSM Articles, blog, and other writings pertaining to the existence of abuse in BDSM, healing from abuse, and abuse in general.
  BDSM Discussions Listing of upcoming discussions in LnR and archives of past discussions held in LnR.
Spanish Section Articles translated into Spanish

Dom_sub E-mail Discussion List an e-mail list for both dominants and submissives
sub_den E-mail Discussion List  An E-mail discussion list for submissives / slaves only
  BDSM Message Board Web based message board for BDSM discussions
Web Rings Listing of rings LnR is a part of
Awards The awards LnR has won
Interactive Polls For BDSM  A place to cast your votes for the active polling question and view stats on up to 10 old polls. 
  LnR Family Member Blogs  Online journals (Blogs) created by LnR family members 
  Story Night Round Robin stories created in channel (No longer occurs, but old story is still here)
Java Chat

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Word Games/Puzzles Crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, and word scrambles for puzzle lovers to enjoy!

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Leather and Roses Supports L.A.S.T. Abuse exists in all walks of life, being aware of this is important.

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